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RAWELT S.A. DE C.V. nace el 12 de Julio de 1974

RAWELT S.A. DE C.V. began in 1974 as a company of GRUPO REVUELTA®, created to produce diverse components for scales, manufactured through aluminum diecast processes that guarantee high-quality products. At the same time, company ventured into the production of accessories for electrical installations.

It currently holds an infrastructure than enables it to be fully integrated and self-sufficient in all its processes. Its MATROX facility is devoted to the design, manufacture and maintenance of tools, such as diecast molds, dies, machining tools and machines specifically produced for its processes. Its aluminum and Zamak diecast, and PVC coating factories rely on cutting-edge technology that enables strict quality controls on all products, in compliance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association) procedures.

This integration enables RAWELT to guarantee continuous operations, develop new products, and immediately supply its customers and distributors.

The RAWELT products have a 100% national manufacture and integration. It currently produces a vast array of electrical installation products for industrial, commercial, hazardous and explosion proof areas; and for use in corrosive environments. Its main products are the outlet boxes, and has various types such as: Conduit Bodies, Single Gang and Two Gang Boxes and Weatherproof Round Outlet Boxes, Outlet boxes, Conduit Unions and Sealing Fittings for Hazardous Locations as well as the full range of Luminaires such as Obstruction Marker Light, High Intensity Discharge (HID), LED, Vaportight Fixture and Explosionproof Industrial Lighting Fixture; and products such as Aluminum Rigid Conduit, Unistrut Channels, Pipe Straps, Pulleys, etc.

The RAWELT, S.A. DE C.V company is present nationwide with its branches located at the country’s main cities, and through its hundreds of distributors. RAWELT brand products are renowned worldwide, for which it also owns the EXPORTEK S.A. de C.V. company, devoted to internationally marketing the group’s products, operating with a logistics team that coordinates and assists sales on all five continents.


Offer our customers products manufactured according to international standards having a single interaction in our processes.


To be a company recognized nationally and internationally for the quality, delivery times, and competitive prices of its products, satisfying the needs of our customers and thus contributing to the progress of our country.

Our Productos

Electrical installation products manufactured in aluminum high physical strength, and high corrosion resistant. With diecast process using steel molds with the latest technology, our products have NPT (National Pipe Thread) and paint’s finishes electrostatic powder polyester polymerized, with a degree of national integration of 100%.

Our productos are high quality backed with the following certifications: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Why Choose Us?


At RAWELT we have our own branches throughout México, which allows us to carry out any order quickly and efficiently.


We have always been known and distinguished for personally assisting every single one of our customers.


RAWELT seeks to become a leading brand for all its products, renowned worldwide for its quality and reliability.

Our Branches

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