RAWELT main products are Weatherproof outlet boxes, Explosion proof outlet boxes, Conduit unions and Sealing Fittings, LED and conventional vaporproof lighting fixtures, HID and LED lighting fixtures for hazardous locations, LED vaporproof floodlight, LED industrial signal lights.

Obstruction Marker Lights, Aluminum Rigid Conduit, Unistrut Channels, Pipe Straps, Pulleys, etc.

Electrical products manufactured in aluminum high physical strength, and high corrosion resistant.

Vast array of electrical products for industrial, commercial, hazardous and explosion proof locations; and for use in corrosive environments.


Vaportight Fixtures
Incandescent Lighting
Wheaterproof Luminaires
LED Retrofit Vaportight

Boxes and Enclosures

Outlet Boxes
Gang Boxes
Junction Boxes

Obstruction Lights and Industrial Signals

Obstruction Lights PVC Coating
Industrial Signals Light LED
Vaporproof Floodlights
Obstruction Lights

And Much More...

Sealing Fittings
Rigid Conduit
Pipe Starps
Unistrut Chanels


At each of our processes, product manufacturing takes place under quality controls, including:

Tests on machining, assembly and painting.

Metallurgical laboratory tests.

Nondestructive testing.

Quality testing on machining, assembly and painting.

In accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association) procedures.

RAWELT S.A. DE C.V. born in 1974 as a company of GRUPO REVUELTA®, created to produce diverse components for scales, manufactured through aluminum diecast processes that guarantee high-quality products. Concurrently, the company ventured into the production of accessories for electrical installations. RAWELT currently holds an infrastructure that enables it to be fully integrated and self-sufficient in all its processes. MATROX facility is dedicated to design, manufacture and maintenance of tools, such as diecast molds, dies, machining tools and machines specifically produced for its processes. The aluminum diecast, Zamak and PVC coating facilities rely on cutting-edge technology that enables strict quality controls on all products, in compliance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association) procedures.


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