• Made of high density polyethylene.
    • Rust, corros ion, water, alkalis, weak acids, oil and greaseproof.
    • Wide hopper front design far easy access.
    • Moulded grips far easy handling.
    • Wide slotted label area far easy identification.
    • Reinforced side ribs with high loading capacity.
    • Designed to stack up in several levels.
    • 4 colors: red, yellow, blue and green.
    • Finger grips allow easy handling.
    • They can be placed in rail hanging systems or louvered penels by using the back hook.

  • Far commercial and industrial storage.
  • Far inventory control.
  • To operate efficiently in work benches, work station and rails hanging systems.
  • Far display in warehouses, stores and any application.
  • The simple way to organize small items.
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