• The LO RAWELT Red Obstruction Light category FAA L-810 is used for marking of tall buildings and structures that may present hazards to air navigation.

    • Waterproof (Rain,snow and sleet).
    • Diecast cooper free aluminium.
    • FRESNEL glass lens threaded base. For 360° horizontal visibility. Minimum vertical 3°. Other green, amber and blue colored glass globes are also available for non-obstruction applications for LOS and LOD models.
      For model LOC FRESNEL glass lens and LOC1 model FRESNEL polycarbonate lens.
    • Gasket: Neoprene.
    • Gasket: Silicone (optional).
    • Threaded bottom 1 inch hub for mounting.
    • Porcelain lampholder.
    • Steady burning lamp.
    • Saline chamber test to paint according to ASTM B117.
    • Paint adhesion test according ASTM 3359.
    • Resistance to mechanical impacts according IK09 body, thanks to its design that does not have elements suceptible to breakage.
    • Wind resistance: 240 km/h.
    • Operational temperature: -55 °C to +55 °C.
    • Power transfer relay for a double obstruction marker light. Upon failure of first lamp, the relay will transfer power to the second or standby lamp.
    • Suggested LEO lamp: SYLVANIA ® ultraled A21, 20W, 120V. Far LOS and LOD models or their equivalent with 360º light direction.
    • Far LOC model, OSRAM ® Halogen classic A Eco 70W or the equivalent in LED lamp with 360º light direction.
    • Incandescente Lamp Type A-21 for LOS and LOD models (not included): 116 W 120 Vca or the equivalent in LED or halogen.
    • LED Lamp suggested Sylvania® ultraled A-21 20 W LED Bulb.
      Maximum lenght bulb: 134 mm
    • Lamp type for LOC model: OSRAM® A55.

Halogen Classic A ECO 70 W, or the equivalent in LED lamp.
Maximum length bulb: 97 mm
  • Manufactured in compiliance with:
  • AN2541
  • AN2547
  • FAA AC No. 70/7460-1
  • FAA AC No. 150/5345-43 E
  • MIL-STD-810 E
  • MIL-L-7830 D
  • MIL-C-25050 (ASG)
  • NMX-J-307-ANCE-2017
  • NMX-J-627-ANCE-2009
  • NMX-J-529-ANCE-2012
  • Approval certificate: LOA-03-2004
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