• The RAWELT LED Industrial Signal Light are designed for process and production lines, parking lots, warehouses, industrial facilities, access control, or any place that require a go-stop signaling and traffic control.

      The RAWELT LED Industrial Signal Light allow to reduce the energy consumption against the incandescent traditional signal lightings saving operating and maintenance expenses.

      Could be connected in any control system by push button, selector, lever, relay or PLC’S (see installation instructions).

    • Finish: electrostatic powder coating epoxic / polyester minimum thickness 2 mils.
    • Saline chamber test to paint according to ASTM B117.
    • Paint adhesion test according ASTM 3359.
    • Resistance to mechanical impacts according IK09 body, thanks to its design that does not have elements suceptible to breakage.
    • Compact and robust.
    • Minimal maintenance.
    • Instant ignition.
    • Resistant to impacts and vibrations.
    • Operation at low temperatures.
    • Low surface temperatures.
    • Controller with internal fuses for branch circuit protection.
    • LED system can save up to 80% in energy costs.
    • 50,000 hours of expected life can provide more than 10 years of lighting without maintenance.
    • Contains no mercury and hazardous chemical products.
    • Operation temperatures: -30° up to 50°C
    • Colors: red / green, amber, red / green / amber.
    • 3 mountings: ¾” conduit, swivel bracket and positionable arm.
    • Factory Pre-Wired Assembly.
    • External Flaps provides great thermal transfer for a long life of LED obtaining higher T-Ratings (if apply).
    • Initial lumens ± 5% @ 25 ºC.
    • Grounded housing.
    • Protection against current variations by overvoltage suppressor category C3 10 KV line – ground.

      • Aluminum Diecast Housing.
      • Stainless Steel Hardware.
      • Policarbonate Prismatic lens and sun shade resistant to UV light
      • Swivel Bracket: Stainless Steel
      • Gaskets: Silicone.

  • Compliances:
    • UL 1598
    • CSA C22.2 No. 250
    • UL 8750
    • NEMA 4, 4X
    • RoHs
    • NMX-J-307-2017
    • NMX-J-627-2009
    • NMX-J-529-2012
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